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Express Gold Refining provides you the facility to trade precious metals based on physical trading.  You can place your orders on the form below to set a strike price to either sell or buy metals you have in account with us.  This allows you the flexibility to maximize your profits by participating in the market.  You must have a minimum 20% deposit with us to be able to execute orders.  Also, if you have metal in your pool, you can send in the order to sell your metal at a particular price.  You must submit orders during our regular business hours, and also you will receive a confirmation that your order is working.  We will fill market orders on a best effort basis, and Express Gold Refining will not be liable for any errors, omissions or any other losses due to requests sent in.


    By you placing an order, you take full responsibility of any gains or losses. You understand that there is inherit risk in trading. Your order will not be processed if you have sufficient deposit in your account.