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Terms and Conditions

Our policy is to keep very simple terms and conditions for our clients. We expect all our clients to deal with integrity and honesty.

  1. If you make a purchase or sale, you must commit to the transaction, or a fee with the difference in loss will be charged back to your credit card.
  2. All material being delivered to us must be clear of any encumbrance and must have been legally purchased by you. If we have a suspicion of material being stolen, we will inform authorities, and they will take appropriate action as required.
  3. We are registered under Fintrac and have reporting obligations. Please visit their website and our Privacy Policy for all the requirements.
  4. If your volume of transactions reaches a certain threshold, additional personal information might be requested by our compliance department.
  5. We will send your purchase once your funds are cleared.
  6. We will ship all parcels insured to their value, and you will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs as agreed.
  7. Any tax implications will be your responsibility.
  8. We will not deliver or issue payments to third parties.
  9. For refining purposes, please visit the terms and conditions.