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It doesn’t mean that it’s not a real gold bar or coin; it is not just pure gold or 24 karat gold.

Why Do Gold Bars And Coins Tarnish? 

After receiving numerous calls asking why Gold bars purchased from different retailers tarnish, we understand the customer’s frustration and, more importantly, the discouragement as nobody, even the company where they bought the bullion, gave a satisfactory answer. Thus, we realize that this topic would be great for all our customers.

So, first, you have to understand that when your bullion tarnishes, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real Gold bar or coin; it is just not pure gold or 24-carat Gold.

Newly beautiful minted gold bars are defined as pure gold with a purity of 99.99%, if you have older products in your hands, they might be classified as 99.5%, and these can tarnish for sure since they contain a small number of impurities.

There are two other reasons this could occur when we know that pure gold does not usually tarnish or corrode.

If your Gold bar is 22 carats, it means that it has been alloyed (mixed) with copper or zinc in order to give it some strength. Those metals will react to the oxygen in the air as well as Sulphur and moisture. It is a lot more common in jewellery.

However, sometimes a 24-carat pure Gold bar or Gold coin can also have some tarnishment, like tiny red spots. This only happens because the die used to make the bar imprints wax on the bar that could be easily removed by heating it.

Despite common thoughts, it is inevitable to have some tarnishing; therefore, our first recommendation to every person purchasing any Gold bar or coin product from us is to keep it in the vacuum-sealed packaging. There is no problem opening it, but keeping it sealed will prevent tarnishing or scratches, keeping your Gold bar or coin investment intact.

By any eventuality, if your Gold bar or coin is unsealed, storage becomes essential. It is strongly recommended not to store Gold bars or coins with other metals to avoid cross-contamination. Try even avoiding mixing with other Gold bars or coins from your collection.


Handling Your Bullion Products

Understanding how to manage your precious bullion storage and as well handling it properly is essential for holding its state and value.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to restore your Gold bar or coin to its prime condition, so consider as following:

  • If an occasion presents itself where you need to handle your bullion by hand, make sure that you wear soft, clean, lint-free cotton gloves, no powder latex or plastic gloves as they could be lubricated to some degree, and it could damage your bullion.
  • Bare hands will leave fingerprints as well as your skin’s natural oils, or even hand moisturizers could cause corrosion, so if you buy a gold product with no protection, which frequently occurs in this marketplace, be aware and carefully clean it when you get home.

Browse our impressive collection of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bars and coins on investment products, and you are ready to own a precious metal bar or coin from us to add or start your collection. Express Gold Refining also offers a storage service to all its clients for 12 consecutive months free of charge that ensuring keeping your investment safe and always in pristine condition. We can absolutely extend your storage within our safe and insured facility for a nominal 1% fee as well we also offer the possibility to store it at a third-party facility for a fee of 2%.

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