Uses of Gold

Gold has many special qualities and is extremely important to the creation of jewelry, its value for investments, and in the refining industry. However, did you know that gold also has different uses in dentistry, medicine, and electronics? Today’s newsletter will cover these different uses.

Gold in Dentistry
There are two main reasons why gold is useful in the dentistry world. Firstly, it is very malleable (which means it can be pressed into shape without breaking, which makes it easy to work with). Secondly, because it is actually completely inert to saliva and other bodily fluids. This makes it a perfect metal to build crowns and bridges which copies the unique form of your tooth. The metal does not corrode and is not harmful if consumed. That must be the reason why gold teeth are so common right?

Gold in Medicine
Gold can be used to treat inflammation by using chemical compounds made from it. Stiffness and swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis can be treated by gold sodium thiosulfate and gold sodium thiomalate. The study of gold’s use as a medicinal treatment is actually called aurotherapy.

Gold in Electronics
Since gold is an electrical conductor, it is widely used to build capacitors and wires to establish electrical connections. Gold is an important component in almost every electrical device. Even though silver and copper are also electrical conductors, they tend to corrode, therefore devices that use gold tend to last much longer.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is NOT to be considered investment advice. Do your own research and evaluate your individual situation before making investment decisions

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