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Trust Weighs More Than Gold

Nearly five decades ago, when Russell Oliver (aka “The Cashman”) was starting in the business, he thought of himself as more of a businessman than a revolutionary. His intense marketing approach, which included covering himself in gold and silver paint and dressing up as Superman, certainly got the attention, but what he was embarking on, without realizing it, was so much more than a publicity stunt.


Before Russell hopped on the scene, the concept of buying and selling goldsilver and other precious metals was really an insider’s business, but suddenly the “Cashman” persona opened up the floodgates, changing the whole concept of buying gold and it became accessible to all.


This new “sub-industry” of gold accessibility naturally led to self-regulation, and this led to the involvement of the consumer protection agency, which naturally led to the involvement of government legislation. So, “Mr. Cashman,” his exposure and rapid rise to fame resulted in creating something within the industry that no one else could have imagined. As such, he is forever under the scrupulous gaze of his clients, consumers and the industry. Any wrong move and the finger is pointed at him.


Now you can appreciate and understand that you have placed yourself at the mercy of your suppliers with the decisions you have made. They come short, and you come short. Therefore, not just any gold refiner on Google or your basic Gold price in Canada search will do. To succeed in today’s market, one has to investigate their suppliers vigorously to ensure that they can meet your hectic needs as well as meet your sense of security. Naturally, most suppliers will be able to deliver the basics, but finding the right supplier to work with requires tapping into your trust sensors. One mistake with an unfulfilled precaution can cost you your business and reputation. Something Russell risked when he stepped into the industry back in 1971, boldly putting his name and face in the forefront. Over the years, he chose to work with Express Gold Refining because he understood where the right suppliers to help him to reach the highest levels in the industry.


Express Gold significantly stands out with its protocols, expertise, experience, transparency and trustability. To this day, they remain the engine behind Russel’s ability to publicly stand in front of millions of people and confidently guarantee that he is the best at what he does.


There are two ways to succeed; you either learn from your mistakes or learn from others. If you don’t want to search, wonder, try, test, compare and guess, you can choose to work with a company whose track record goes back decades.

The company not only serves businesses like Russel’s but also testifies that the same practices apply in all their services, such as investing in Precious Metals, Jewell and Watches dealer.


Express Gold Refining is the trusted source in the business. Look no further for gold, silver, and precious metals of the highest quality at the most competitive price, CLICK HERE to invest!


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