The real price of Gold is its insight

Insight on why you should increase your scrap metal purchase.

As a jeweller, it is not always about selling what is in your showcases but establishing relationships with your clients that are far beyond the typical transactions. Let’s face it, you are part of every important moment of their lives. When they get their first big job and they want to buy themselves that watch or that necklace, when they want to get engaged when they get married, St-valentine, mother days, father days Christmas etc… you are in some shape or form involved.

These moments have built meaningful relationships that have stood the test of time for multi-generations which allow you today to be the one that can bring new opportunities for their benefits.

Your Jeweller, man’s best friend.

Many of your clients have jewellery that has past their fashion era, which is out of sight out of mind. With the price of gold exponentially increasing as Gold has always been the safe haven in times of crisis or uncertainties, it goes without saying that your clients could benefit from these moments if you encourage them to bring their gold jewellery to you. And yes, you are again involved, however, scraping gold has become a more sophisticated business than it used to be.

This time you don’t have to be a person of it all, partner with an experienced and trusted refiner. Your position is to present the opportunity to your client so they can take advantage of gold prices, not for you to start getting involved in refining it. That is a different world of its own.

Express Gold Refining not only will take care of that job, but they can provide you with insights, with how to read the market, better understand the movements as it is not just about scrap gold, but it is a specialization.

Personal Golden touch

Atef Salama the CEO of Express Gold Refining, surprisingly to someone of his status in that business is extremely generous with his time to educate every client that wants to take the time to better understand that side of the business. That is an opportunity to grasp insight that you can in turn share with your clients.

The price of gold is one thing, but insight is the real value.

Some of you may already be working with a refiner, but the best testimonial is to experience working with Atef Salama and his team. At the end of the day, you could argue the price is dictating the behaviour, but working with Express Gold Refining will be equipped you to answer your clients, which you want to be secure that they know that you have their interest at heart.

A few weeks ago, Express Gold Refining posted an article entitled “Trust Weighs More Than Gold” that is self-explanatory but brought to light a jeweller that through his experience working with Atef Salama, built an amazing scrap gold side of his business. The jeweller was servicing his customers with such confidence that they themselves became his ambassador sending their family and friends to Russel’s store. Without insights, it could be done but never with that level of confidence.

Just a sneak read of the article that will find its entirely at the link below. “Before Russell hopped on the scene, the concept of buying and selling gold, silver and other precious metals was really an insider’s business, but suddenly the “Cashman” persona opened up the floodgates, changing the whole concept of buying gold and it became accessible to all.”

Mostly in a very competitive environment where the jeweller next door is nothing compared to what you have to face with online retailing your level of service becomes your first arm of defence.

Click here to read “Trust Weighs More Than Gold”

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