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At Express Gold Refining, we are always proud ourselves of the level of insight over the years we have shared with our customers whether they are a business to business buyers/sellers or consumers.

However, when it comes to investing, the number one question has always been which one is the best bullion that passes the test of time.

If you are wondering of which product to invest in, it is fair for us to assume that you are a first-time bullion investor. If not, hopefully you will discover a bit more insight to make the decision to work with us and very memorable experience.

The first step to be considered is your budget. 

Your amount of disposable cash on hand will affect not only the product to pick from but also your level of time tolerance. What we mean by your time tolerance level is how long you feel you can hold on to it?  We have so many clients that will buy a gold bar and pass it to the next generation. Therefore, it is fair to say that their time tolerance is at the highest level.

Time sensitivity is not just a simple thing as you could be interested in a more frequent buy and sell approach; as we know, buy low and sell high. You might even consider reaping up your old jewellery to sell to take advantage of the high price of gold.

Second, should you buy Gold or Silver?

Gold is the most popular investment for most precious metals investors. It is much more liquidate as well as many factors that influence its price such as the jewellery demand, and its value is a lot less volatile than Silver.

On the other hand, Silver is very speculative and very attractive due to its lower price compared to gold.

So, in short, gold is better than Silver if you are looking for more stability, but if your cost to entry is more important to you, Silver becomes the better investment; however, way more volatile, which can be great for gaining in a short period.

Third step, should you Buy coins or bars?

Bullion coins are popular and easy to trade and generally sell a bit higher than bars. It comes down to a personal preference. Further in this article, we list our very best pick, which is a mix of both solutions.

The fourth step minted vs cast.

Like all precious metals products, the coins and bars carry a premium above the spot price. The premium you pay is affected by several issues, such as the product’s production process, the precious metals offered in the market, the type of bar, and many others. You will realize that most of the time, casted bullion is more affordable when compared to the minted ones; however, the casted ones are popular when looking for a personal and exclusive touch added to the bar. 

Here are some products to consider when starting investing in precious metals: 


1 oz Silver Asahi Round 999
This is a fantastic product to work with. Very well accessible and looks beautiful. Although it is a Japanese brand, it is manufactured in North America. The Asahi round is well recognized around the world. It has also been a fantastic piece to add to a collection and a great gift. The Asahi round is a very credible bullion held by extremely reputable investment firms worldwide. This bullion is always on our favourite list and one of the most sought-after by first-time investors. It is not bullion with a large circulation and is perfect for affordability.
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1 oz 2022 Silver Maple Leaf Coin 99.99%
The Canadian’s “big love” for the maple leaf is a must-have for most investors. Stable, affordable, well respected. Established in 1988, the silver Maple Leaf coin has been a success. The coin has enhanced security features with its’ laser micro engrave mark. The Silver Maple Leaf Coin is a must.
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1 oz Gold Asahi Refining Bar 9999
For this bar, the same applies for the gold as for the silver, with the extra stability of gold and the affordability that comes with the name Asahi. Ideal for first-time gold investment buyers.
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1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar 99.99%
Well, this bullion’s name speaks for itself. Imagine owning a 1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar 99.99% in your collection or your unique gold bar and bullion period. It is one of THE BEST not just in Canada but in the world, with an uncontestable reputation. Super trading flexibility due to its importance and a fantastic value for the name. Since its first year in 1999, this bullion has become a staple in this market.
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Furthermore, here is a top bullion product list from our inventory that you should also pick to consider having in your portfolio:


• 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin 999
• 1 oz Gold Australian Nugget
• 1 oz Gold Austrian Mint – Philharmonic Coin
• 1 oz Gold Bar PAMP Suisse Fortune 99.99%
• 1 oz Gold Krugerrand Coin
• 1 oz Gold Perth Mint – Kangaroo
• 1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint – Maple Leaf Coin
• 1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint – Canadian Maple Leaf Coins (99.999% +)
• 1 oz Gold United States Mint – Buffalo Coin


• 1 oz Silver 2021 Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf Coin 99.99%
• 1 oz Silver 2022 Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf Coin 99.99%
• 1 oz Silver Asahi Bar 999
• 1 oz Silver Asahi Buffalo Coin 999
• 1 oz Silver Asahi Round 999
• 1 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf 99.99%
• 10 oz Silver Asahi Refining Bar 999 95
• 10 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar 9999
• 10 oz Silver Scotiabank Bar

Remember, if you have any questions or considerations, we are one call or e-mail away from you, thus do not hesitate to reach out.

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