500 g Pure Gold Coin – Growling Cougar

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Designed by Pierre Leduc (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse), this 1/2 kilogram gold coin is a stunning example of Royal Canadian Mint’s internationally renowned artistry and craftsmanship.

This perfect and unique piece of art is crafted from 99.99% pure gold, with a limited mintage set to just 25 coins worldwide, presents this feline known primarily as the “cougar” in Canada, the “mountain lion” in the United States, and the “puma” in South America in a natural setting. Surrounded by the coniferous forests of the Rocky Mountains, this muscular predator cuts an impressive figure; detailed engraving recreates the cougar’s distinctive features, from its strong jawline to its delicate whiskers and soft fur. The elusive hunter is depicted with its jaw open mid-growl as it releases its thrillingly drawn-out call to the wild. 

Add this 1/2 Kilogram Pure Gold Coin – Growling Cougar to your collector or investor portfolio!


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 0.6 cm


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