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How you can profit from investing in precious metals

For those looking for a secure and lasting investment, precious metals should be on your radar.

The biggest “shout out” to precious metals, such as gold, is that it has stood the test of time. For thousands of years, it has been considered a valuable asset, used as currency, given out as celebratory gifts, and bequeathed through the generations. They are a cross-cultural commodity like no other and will be used for ages to come. It’s such a steady commodity, that banks and governments still use gold as part of their portfolio.

You might ask why precious metals would be a good investment choice overstocks, real estate, crypto-currency, or collectibles. For one, buying stocks places hope that it will appreciate in value, but doesn’t always happen. And as we’ve seen many times in the past twenty years, there were real estate bubbles that crashed the market. Such is the case with many kinds of investments, hinged to the whims of the financial situation of the day. As a consequence, the owner takes a loss in reselling.

Gold, however, is near-immune to the unpredictability of the market, retaining its value even when the economy is wobbly.

Whereas any country’s currency can rise, fall, or be devalued, precious metals almost never experience hard dips in value. Even in times of financial uncertainty, they retain their worth – and sometimes, increase in value. So even when there’s a depression or recession, gold prices generally stay steady. They aren’t dependent on or attached to, the roving dollar.

That’s not to say prices never fluctuate – they can. Still, gold can weather many storms, but always has the potential for strong liquidation action and acts as a hedge during times of uncertainty.

In addition, there are a lot of investors who purchase gold, and there is enough liquidity to keep it from experiencing these wide swings.

These are among the reasons why gold and silver are known as “safe haven” investments. The appeal is in its long-term stability, and, immunity to government interference that is so often the case with the dollar. And unlike other investments, such as real estate or stocks, it’s simple to buy or sell gold and silver – since, in many ways, it acts just like money.

The question is – where should you go when you’re ready to buy?

With Express Gold Refining, you’ll be treated to expertise that extends back three generations, and staff with a wide understanding of the industry.

Express Gold Refining has direct access to the refiners – that is, the refineries that produce bars, allowing them to better price the commodity, while having the unique insight into the supply and demand. They are a refining company before being a precious metal retailer, affording them more knowledge about this market than most other dealers.

Many suppliers buy from Express Gold Refining, and then resell to market, because Express Gold does the refining themselves, or has refining accounts.

That allows for the lowest premiums on the market, and, the authenticity that the product hasn’t been touched before. Not every seller can make those claims.

“We’ve been around for quite a bit of time – if things are not done properly, you’d hear about it. You can’t hold up an act for 30 years,” manager Atef Salama noted.
Express Gold Refining suggests you own a certain amount of physical gold or silver, versus exchange-traded funds (ETFs), also known as “paper gold.” It’s not only because ETFs are subject to various surcharges, but having the commodity itself on hand means it’s ready for transaction any time.

The biggest hurdle, however, with any physical metal of any significant worth, is how to store it. If you keep it home, there’s always a worry about theft. Thankfully, Express Gold Refining has got you covered, and can provide safe storage for your precious metals.

While different investments have their own rewards and challenges, know that Express Gold Refining will make sure your choices are right for you and will do so with transparency, first-class knowledge, and superior service.

After all, gold isn’t just in their name – but as Atef says, “gold is in our blood.” Contact Express Gold Refining for all of your precious metal needs.

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