Due to COVID-19, we are operating with limited hours and procedures.

Check below the updated information:


    1. Our business hours are temporarily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (last customer appointment at 4 pm), from Monday to Friday.
    2. We limit customers’ access to the office—a maximum of two people per appointment and max two appointments simultaneously. CLICK HERE to book an appointment in-store or call us to schedule your 30 min appointment. You will be submitted to screening questions when you get in the office.
    3. The attendance might not be provided if you present one or more symptoms. CLICK HERE to check the screening questions.
    4. The company building entrance is locked for public access, so to get in the building, you must use the buzzer downstairs. Follow the instructions on the prompt to call us and gain access.
    5. Before leaving your home, make sure you are not feeling or showing flu symptoms. Take care of yourself and the others around you.
    6. We are doing our best to serve our clients efficiently, but be ready for extended waiting times in-store and online or phone.
    7. Prices are fluctuating, so orders might have to be adjusted. We will contact you immediately if there are changes as long as your order is placed during normal business hours.
    8. Last but not least, we’re open to serve the market but conscious of the responsibility towards customers and employees, so when you come to visit us here, please remember to sanitize your hands before getting in and before leaving. We are making every effort to maintain social distancing for all our clients as each one is in a private cubicle. Our cleaning crew is actively wiping down surfaces during the day for your protection.  Despite our efforts, there is always a risk of getting sick, so please make sure to make the right decision to leave your house.  We are offering free pickup and delivery during this period to minimize your exposure to the virus and the loved ones around you.

    Call us if you have any further questions or specifications.