Best Time to Invest in Gold

There is no better time to invest in Gold than now. According to the mining team in Haywoods Securities, the gold stock is currently undervalued, which means it is the perfect time to buy gold.
During the first nine months of 2018, the price of gold overall has declined 9%, which gives the public the opportunity to start investing in the undervalued precious metals industry. Gold stock prices have also fallen by 13% after reaching a peak earlier this year in April.

A strong US Dollar results in lower prices for gold. Haywood is expecting the gold price to continue to drop. According to other sources, the prices will struggle to rebound over the remainder of 2018. However, during the New Year, we are expecting the prices to rise up again.

Some of the top signs to know when a good time to invest in gold includes:
1) When the stock market looks shaky
2) When gold price is at or below the moving average
3) When you plan on holding onto it for while

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is NOT to be considered investment advice. Do your own research and evaluate your individual situation before making investment decisions

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