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 Asahi Refining: More Than 200 Years of Passion and Skill

When you’re looking to invest in a gold or silver minted product, it’s crucial to find a reputable refiner with a proven process. Asahi Refining certainly meets and surpasses all the standards, so it has built a reputation that has been second to none for over 200 years. Let’s dive into their history and understand why our relationship is so strong.

Asahi Refining

The Origin

Only a few refineries are certified to refine gold and silver to the LBMA Good Delivery standard and Comex, and indeed Asahi Refining is one of them. Based on the structure and established practices of the Johnson Matthey refinery, Asahi Refining was created in early 2015, when the Japanese conglomerate (Asahi Holdings*) purchased the company to continue the legacy.

The Trust

The years of passion and unique skill of Johnson Matthey’s craftsmanship combined with the Japanese precision of Asahi has propelled the minted bullion to one of the world’s most reputable bullion brands at an unimaginable speed. Under their bullion products offering, you can find their legendary Legacy product, which is no longer in production and has tremendous collector appeal, as well as 1 oz Silver ASAHI Freedom Liberty Round 999, 1 oz Silver Asahi Buffalo Coin 999, 100 oz Silver Asahi Refining Florida Bar 999 and nonetheless 1 oz Asahi Refining gold 999, and many other bars and coins/rounds.

At Express Gold Refining, we have placed the Asahi Refining bullion products in our top 10 preferred bullion to invest in due to its reputation and simply can’t compare to the level of passion and skill that this refiner rigorousness has brought to the marketplace.

Since Asahi refining bullion has a wide offering of different products, we invite you to consult with your bullion specialist at Express Gold Refining.

We understand that buying gold bullion can be a daunting task, but you can trust Express Gold Refining to provide you with the best evaluation of which Asahi Refining product is best for your investment goals.

*Asahi Holdings is a Japanese-based precious metals recycling company (collection, recovery, refinement) founded in 1952 with about approximately 1,360 employees with locations in 4 countries.

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